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Velkommen til Absolut Design, 

et lite norsk designstudio med egenprodusert kunst

Bildevegg med ulike norske kunsttrykk og plakater



Innred med bilder du blir glad i

Frisk opp hjemme med nye farger og bilder som matcher. Her kan du finne unike kunsttrykk og plakater som passer din personlige stil


Nye kunsttrykk og plakater

Uværsmotiv av bølger nordpå, fotoplakat


-online by Photos Up North

At PhotosUpNorth you will find great posters, calendars and greeting cards. We are inspired by the local, nature and culture in northern Norway, and that have given us various motifs both graphic and photographic, which we present in the online store.


Art can arouse emotions, create curiosity, inspire, motivate and contribute to well-beeing and positiv energy.  Artistic quality is an important prerequisite that we seek to satisfy in our products. You can choose from illustrated posters, photography and more classic photo posters.

At PhotosUpNorth you can decorate your home and your cabin with posters with motifs from northern Norway - and get the nature right into your home.  If you want a beautiful illustrated art poster produced on a small scale, you can find it on our website.  


Our goal is to create contemporary unique products with a distinctive northern norwegian character.  Working with different styles is exciting and at the same time we hope that it can help us reach more people.


Our table calendars are composed of photos from different places and in different seasons up north.  They come in a CD calendar box which acts as a desk stand. They are easy to store, carry, and easy to send by mail.  Great as a gift. 


If you want to please someone with a handwritten card, inspired by nature and culture from northern Norway, PhotosUpNorth has a good selection to suit most occasions. 

We regularly update the websites with new products. You also find us on Instagram and Facebook. 


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